Psychological Assessments

When children are struggling in school or at home, the reasons for their struggles are not immediately clear. This is why before starting treatment, an initial assessment often takes place. The initial assessment can exist of meetings with the parents to discuss parenting styles or the child’s developmental history, observations at home or at school, or meetings with the child to understand their perspective. Behavioral questionnaires can be part of this as well. The initial assessment does not lead to a formal diagnosis, instead, it provides us with hypotheses and insights that help us target our interventions.

Other times, parents or school may have questions about possible learning disabilities or developmental disorders. Or perhaps the initial assessment provides us with indications that there may be an underlying problem. Whether the presentation of complaints is still vague or whether specific hypotheses have emerged about, for example, disorders like ADHD, autism, dyslexia or dyscalculia, we have a wide variety of English and Dutch instruments at our disposal to provide a full psychological or educational assessment. Psychological and educational assessments are available for individuals to request privately, as well as for schools seeking further advice about students. For details and further information please refer to the Child Assessment Group website or get in touch with Jet Sichterman.