Parent Support

There are a variety of reasons parents feel they need support, or why expatriated families experience more challenges in raising their children. Sometimes the cause lies with the child: they may experience psychiatric problems or developmental delays without an external cause (such as expatriation) being the reason. In other cases the behavior of the child is influenced by the environment, for instance the interaction between a parent and the child.

Parent support sessions can help you understand your child’s behavior and teaches new ways of interacting with them. The sessions can be combined with child treatment – which is always advised when children undergo their own treatment – or may simply be sessions in which together we look for approaches to support the questions or dilemmas you may experience as a parent.

No child or family lives in isolation. When appropriate, Expat Child Psychology provides family sessions or home coaching to give a more holistic solution to the challenges families face. During these sessions several members of the family participate in the session, either at the office or in the home, in order to learn new patterns of behavior as a means of living with or helping to modify difficult behavior patterns or family interactions.

If your child is receiving treatment, of any kind, it is advisable to support this with parent support sessions. During these sessions parents can learn about their child’s progress but also, just as importantly, they can learn how they can support the transfer of the newly learned skills to the home, and outside of the treatment environment.

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