Among the issues parents and children come to Expat Child Psychology for are: social and emotional challenges, behavioral difficulties, developmental delays and negative/unhelpful interaction patterns within the family.

We have experience with children who want to overcome their anxiety or shyness, children who find it hard to make friends or adapt to new situations, children who have trouble expressing their emotions in safe and acceptable ways, children who feel angry or sad more than usual, children with diagnosed problems including, but not limited to, anxiety, depression, ADHD and autism spectrum disorder, and with young children who experience problems with eating, sleeping or toilet training or severe temper tantrums. We also have specific experience with children who struggle with expatriation adjustment related issues including adaptation, starting new friendships and mourning country, friends, and family left behind.

There is no one solution to any of these, and so we offer varying services adapted to suit your personal situation. Below are links and brief descriptions to these, but you are welcome and encouraged to contact us to find the right solution or approach to your own concerns.

Here is what you can be assisted with:
Child Support
Parent Support
Social Skills 4 Kids Group Courses
Psychological and Educational Assessments