Expat Child Psychology advises clients individually about what the related expenses will be regarding the individual plan drawn up for them after the intake meeting. Currently we have no waiting lists, intakes can normally be scheduled within 1-2 weeks of first contact.

After agreeing to the proposed plan, parents are invoiced monthly as per the sessions and services of that month.

Expat Child Psychology holds no contracts with health insurance companies or municipalities. Sessions are sometimes covered by international insurance providers, through relocation packages of employers or through a personal budget (PGB). Clients are advised to consult their insurance providers, employers and/or municipality/wijkteam before agreeing to the proposed plan.

Indication of Tariffs*:
Intake: €135,00 €67,50,-**
Parent or Child Sessions at one of our locations: €90,00 per hour
Assessments: tariffs will be communicated based on your (child’s) individual needs
Social Skills 4 Kids group course: as of €475,-

* These tariffs serve as an indication only and do not include all possible appointments and tariffs that may apply.

** We realise it is important to get to know your therapist and see if there is a connection before committing to further services. Because of this, we offer a 50% discount to our intakes.