New in 2019: our Parent & Professional Forum!

Forum involves monthly meetings in which knowledge, ideas and views on a particular topic will be exchanged and shared. It also allows for opportunity to become a part of a community and network with others.

Parent forum
The parent forum will take place every first Tuesday of the month. Every month the Parent Forum will give you the chance to learn and develop yourself further in your role of being a parent to (international) children and/or teenagers. In addition to learning more about topics involving child development and parenting, the meetings allow for the opportunity to connect with other parents.

Professional forum
Planned every first Wednesday of the month. The aim of the professional forum is to learn and share from one another. Run by professionals for professionals and allowing each of us to gain further insight into the work and specialisations of different professionals working with (international) children, their parents and their community. Networking is an important part of these meetings as well.