A warm, trusting relationship between a therapist and their client is especially important. After all, for therapy to be effective, you and/or your child will need to be open to sharing your most private thoughts and feelings. We understand the importance of finding a therapist that fits your needs and therefore we offer a variety of options to get to know us before taking the plunge:

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Expat Child Psychology can regularly be found at, or organizing, events. Please refer to the events page to see when and where will be the next opportunity to meet and get to know us.

15-minute free phone call
Are you unable to meet us at an event anytime soon or do you have specific questions? Schedule a 15-minute free phone call and ask about how we might be able to support you.

Free introduction meeting (Social Skills 4 Kids)
Whenever a new Social Skills 4 Kids course is announced, we offer a limited number of free introduction meetings to parents who would like to receive more information about the course. Like our Facebook page or sign up to our newsletter to be informed when the next course is planned.

Schedule an intake meeting (€135,- €67,50)

Are you ready to get started? It is time to schedule an intake meeting. Before we can be of service to you or your child, we need to gain a better understanding of your concerns and questions, your child’s development and your parenting styles. We can gain an initial understanding through an intake meeting. If you have already been in touch with us prior to the intake, we may send you some forms to fill out before the meeting. Returning those, as well as any additional information you may be able to provide, will help us use the session time more effectively. If your child has questions of his/her own and is able to speak about these, we recommend he/she joins the intake. For younger children it is recommended that parents meet with one of us first, so you will be free to share your concerns. Currently there are no waiting lists, intakes can be scheduled within 1-2 weeks.

What happens after the intake?

Towards the end of the intake or soon thereafter, we will inform you of the further steps we recommend for you and/or your child. Sometimes, our recommendation will be to perform some additional steps in order to gain a deeper understanding of your situation. Other times, we might recommend beginning with parenting consultations or individual sessions right away. We might not have all the answers yet, but we expect to know enough to get started and fill in the blanks as we go.

When we suspect deeper underlying problems, we can recommend a full educational, socio-emotional, cognitive or neuropsychological evaluation through our collaboration with the Child Assessment Group. We will be there to support you during and after the assessment to make sure all your questions will be answered.

In few cases we find that our practice is not the right place for a family and their child. If this happens to you, we will help you find another professional or team of professionals that has expertise in the topic that you need help with. We can help you understand the Dutch (mental) health care system better and we have a large network of internationally oriented service providers. If we need to refer you after the intake, we will provide you with the report from the intake and our initial recommendations. This report can help speed up the start up process with the professional/team that we have referred you to.

Not sure what to do or if our services are right for you?
Get in touch and we will answer your remaining questions. If we feel our services may not address your needs well, we can refer you to one of the many internationally oriented service providers in our network.