How to navigate the Dutch education system

Annebet van Mameren

The Dutch education system is very different to that of many other countries, and international families often struggle to find the right school. Choosing the best school as well as understanding how things work in a new country can be rather distressing, leading some families to give up and head home. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you!

During this Q&A event Annebet will explain the enrollment procedure for the Dutch schools in Den Haag, with its lotteries and waiting lists. We’ll discuss the different educational philosophies (Montessori, Dalton, Waldorf, etc.), and compare the Dutch level of education with that of other Western countries. We’ll also address the Cito-test and its related high school advice.

At the end of the presentation there is some room for questions.

Participants will also receive an extensive checklist of questions you could ask during a school visit.

Annebet van Mameren

New2nl is a network run by Annebet van Mameren, bringing together experts in schooling, housing, and taxes, to provide services for international families in the Netherlands. Annebet is Dutch, and married to an American. They are based in Amsterdam, and have two sons who they are raising bilingually; and who go to Dutch primary and preschool.

Annebet has a research background in Intercultural Conflicts at Work, along with many years of experience in the corporate world. She has spent time living abroad, and has a thorough understanding of the issues faced by international families when selecting a school for their children in the Netherlands.



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