It is not easy to raise children, let alone if you are doing just that in a strange country where you may not yet have learned the language nor understood the healthcare system. Without your parents and other family members to support you, it can be a difficult and sometimes lonely task.

The International Family Fair is here to help you find your ways to the right information and the right services. Meet with one of the many services available to international families in the Hague and surrounds in the fields of health, wellbeing, education, parenting and more. With a variety of English spoken workshops and seminars on parenting (international) children and navigating Dutch education and health care the fair has something to offer for both newly arrived families as well as for those who have been in the Netherlands for some time. Children can explore the fair by engaging in our kids program, whereas free child care will be available for the youngest.

The Team
Jet Sichterman, initiator of the fair, is assisted this year by four highly motivated volunteers to make the second International Family Fair an even greater success.

From left to right:

Elly Huang
Gui-Xi Young
Sara Mansson
Jet Sichterman
Ilona Preiksaite

Earlier this year, we received help from Bryley Jackson, who recently left the Netherlands, and Susanne Roodhuyzen, who is no longer available because she started a new job but she hopes to make it to the fair.


The International Family Fair is an initiative of Expat Child Psychology, a private practice for expat children (0-12) and their families in Zuid-Holland. Expat Child Psychology was founded by Jet Sichterman who supports the social & emotional needs of expat children as well as their families. One of the aims Jet had when founding her practice was to help expat parents find the services that are available for them and their children in the Netherlands. With this aim in mind, the idea of the International Family Fair was born. The 2015 event will be the second edition of The Interntional Family Fair.

This year the fair is organised in collaboration with BNI Seagull; an enthusiastic chapter of people with their own business’ and willingness to open their network of contacts to those who need them. Essentially their members and friends often keep their eyes open for people in need of help, whether it be within the garden, decorating their house, health issues, tax advice and much more. The Seagulls know many people in Den Haag and beyond! The members of BNI Seagull all share the “family-first” ethos of the International Family Fair.