Being a child in today’s world is challenging. Parenting today’s children can also be a struggle. Growing up or parenting away from home, as an expatriate family, raises additional questions, challenges as well as opportunities. Being removed from an environment in which you and your children feel most comfortable and supported can create uncertainty. Uncertainty about: where do you go to for advice? How do you find answers to parenting questions, or concerns? Who do you turn to for clarification on developmental issues?  Language, in a country which does not speak your own is only one of the challenges. Finding someone who understands the added dimension of such topics in an expatriate setting can be overwhelming.

Expat Child Psychology was established precisely to attend to this: to provide support for the challenges of growing up as, or parenting, children in an expatriate setting. From saying goodbye to starting over, from having limited support systems nearby to uncertainty about roles and identities, we understand the extra dynamics that come into play when a family moves to another country – and how these impact the struggles that any child or parent may face regardless of moving. Be it for Individual Parent Support or Child Counseling, specialized courses such as the Social Skills 4 Kids group courses, or Psychological Assessments, our team is here to help. We strongly believe that asking for help is not a sign of weakness; it is a brave step in the right direction.

From the day-to-day to challenges of children and parents, to those related to diagnosed issues, Expat Child Psychology is here for you. We provide support for English, Dutch and Swedish speaking families in the Netherlands. From within the main office in The Hague we support families from The Hague and surrounding areas (Leidschendam-Voorburg, Wassenaar, Voorschoten, Leiden, Delft, Rijswijk, Rotterdam). Furthermore, through our collaboration with the Child Assessment Group, we offer psycho-educational assessments for international families and international schools throughout the Netherlands.

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