Children follow their unique paths to adulthood and they may be faced with developmental delays, frustrations, difficulties to adapt to new situations or other problematic behaviours along the way.

Expat Child Psychology offers support for expat children under the age of 12 who experience social-emotional, developmental or behavioral difficulties such as shyness, anxiety, difficulty to make friends or to adapt to new situations, disobedience and severe boundary testing behavior, eating difficulties, autism spectrum disorders and more. Support is also available for children whose struggles are specific to the expat lifestyle (adapting to the Netherlands, mourning for the countries and people that were left behind).

Expat Child Psychology was founded by child psychologist Jet Sichterman, who offers individual therapy, parent consultations and Social Skills 4 Kids group courses for children and parents in English and Dutch. Jet Sichterman, MSc. is member of the Dutch Association of Psychologists (Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen – NIP) as well as the Haags Genootschap van Vrijgevestigde Psychologen (HGvVP).

The office of Expat Child Psychology can be found at the beautiful Sweelinckplein in The Hague. The Social Skills 4 Kids group courses take place in Amsterdam and The Hague. Home visits are possible too and recommended with certain problems.

For appointments & information:
Telephone: 06-17072271
Email: info@expatchildpsychology.nl
Office address: Sweelinckplein 9 – 11, The Hague (unit 19)